Zero Waste Project

What is usually called industrial waste, we call secondary raw materials.


In 2020 Urbi et Orbi launched a circular economy initiative, called “Zero Waste Project”. By using and repurposing our industrial waste, we are humbly contributing to the global sustainability effort of closing the waste gap.

How do we do that:

  • The leftover concrete rubble pieces replace a large portion of other gravels and aggregates used in mixing new concrete.
  • During the treatment of our products (sawing, grinding etc ) a heavy-duty dust collector is employed to collect the concrete dust waste, which is then used as a filler material in a new concrete mixture, giving it a new life and purpose inside a new product.

What does that mean for you

  • The products which are included in the “Zero Waste Project”, contain between 20 to 80% of recycled excess raw materials in their mixture, strictly complying with the essential quality and safety requirements and always ensuring that our company’s core craftmanship values and commitments are upheld.
  • The use of leftover raw materials, introduce a new terrazzo finish for you to choose from, with different colorful aggregates, as well as the already tried and proven uniform, or ”sand” finish, in which the aggregates are invisible.
  • By choosing a product from the “Zero Waste Project”, you are actively playing a part in the international movement to manage and lessen industrial waste.


To find out more about the products that are included in the Zero Waste Project, look for the recycling banner with the unique percentage of zero waste materials that are included in each product. Those products contribute toward satisfying ‘Recycling Content’ Credit under LEED®.

holywater sink & tuuub pendant lamp at HOTEL MEGATRENDS 2019 by XENIA

holywater sink & tuuub concrete pendant lamp by sotirislazoudesignstudio  at HOTEL MEGATRENDS 2019 by XENIA

SIMAN collection at HOTEL MEGATRENDS 2019 by XENIA

SIMAN collection designed by Gian paolo Venier presented in HOTEL MEGATRENDS 2019 by XENIA

Molteni&C booth at IMM Cologne 2018 in Koln

Giulia Chiametti, from Alessandro Pasinelli Studio selected some of our table wear products to insert in the Molteni&C booth at IMM Cologne 2018 in Koln (15-21 January 2018), under the artistic direction of Vincent Van Duysen.
FUMI ashtray by Urbi et Orbi studio
CUBE PLATE by Valentino Marengo
SIMAN collection by Gian Paolo Venier


SIMAN collection at Airnova pop-up showroom c/o Zanutta France

SIMAN  The latest collection of table wear objects designed by Gian Paolo Venier for Urbi et Orbi, will be presented
for the very first time at Airnova pop-up showroom c/o Zanutta France in Paris.
Until the 15th of January.