Autore: cgpov

Redesign of existing 19thc Mansion

Project: Redesign of existing 19thc. Mansion with garden, into a small hotel of 3 independent quarters: Red room, white room & blue room

Location: Phera, Santorini

Building Surface: 150 sq.m.

Design-Construction: 2016-2017

Design – decoration – supervision: ‘architectural bureau 3’: Dritsa Nikoletta &  Plaini Christina

Construction: ‘epilysi’: Papathanasiou & Papatheodorou

Photography: Panagiotis Terzopoulos

Associated Products: Superfly-w , Calix 14 , Ampulla

Bullen und Bären Restaurant & Bar, Bayern, Germany

Project: Bullen und Bären Restaurant & Bar

Location: Kapfelberg, Bayern, Germany

Design-Construction: 2016

Lighting Solutions: by Proluxa GmbH

Associated Products: pendant lamp  Ampulla, Superfly-C


concrete wall panel in customized dimensions

Arquitecta: /
Project:  V K  perio implant clinic

wall mount sink

architectes  hes/sia / genève / Switzerland

vanity washbasin

Julie Spartinou-Patroni Architect

Private spa, Mykonos island, Greece

Project: Private spa

Location: Mykonos island, Cyclades Greece

Design-Construction: 2014

Design – decoration – supervision: Aude Mazelin, Mykonos Architects

Associated Product: Circum 48 washbasin